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Things to Know About Filing a Missing Persons Report

Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law, Can Help File a Missing Persons Report

This month, our law firm will explain some things to know about filing a missing persons report. By the time individuals file these reports in Vienna, WV, tensions run high, which can result in missing information. Knowing the facts before filing this report is essential for this report to go through. If you ever have to do this, here are five things to know about filing a missing persons report in Vienna, WV:


There is No Waiting Period

As soon as a child or an adult goes missing in Vienna, WV, file the report with your local police.



Anyone Can Be a Missing Person

Individuals can report children or adults as missing in Vienna, WV, and surrounding areas.



Give a Complete Physical Description

It’s important to provide as complete a description as possible to locate a missing person in Vienna, WV. Be sure to include a physical description of height, weight, age, and any identifying marks.



Give all the Details of the Case

Depending on the factors of the case, police may do an expedited search. Once law enforcement has all the facts, they will have better knowledge to respond to the case.



Inform the Police of Locating the Missing Person

If the missing person turns up on their own in Vienna, WV, make sure to inform the police to call off the search.



Law Enforcement Uses (TRAK) to Find Missing Persons

Police departments use a system known as Technology to Recover Abducted Kids (TRAK) when finding missing persons. This technology creates and distributes flyers with any type of image. It also provides relevant information to community groups, media, and other jurisdictions. Five hundred police departments in 23 states use TRAK for various purposes, including missing persons cases and runaways.



Local law enforcement may contact the FBI to assist in the investigation, depending on the severity of the case. This scenario is essential in the event of foul play, mental illness, disability, or any missing children.


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