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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Attorney for Elizabeth, WV

Personal Injury Matters Can Include Wrongful Death

The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC is a wrongful death attorney for Elizabeth, WV. Our attorney serves the greater West Virginia region with prompt, professional legal services after a wrongful death. Call us if a loved one has died due to negligence while receiving medical care or a deadly workplace accident. Attorney Gerber provides compassionate care to our clients who experience the devastating loss of a loved one due to negligence. Call us today at (681) 229-1334 to speak with Attorney Gerber.

The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC Fights Hospital Negligence Cases

Every hospital negligence matter is unique, and our attorney can review your case. Attorney Gerber can meet with you to review that matter and provide legal insight on your rights. Often, it is more than just financial concerns. There can be multiple parties involved who all have a stake in the outcome. The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC has experience with hospital negligence matters.

Our Attorney Helps Medical Malpractice Victims in Elizabeth, WV

While many patients undergo surgeries with complete trust in their medical staff, medical malpractice can occur. If you or a loved one in Elizabeth, WV, fall victim to medical malpractice, call us today. Attorney Gerber will work tirelessly to get the results you deserve.

Attorney Gerber Fights for People with Defective Product Injuries

Has a defective product hurt you? Attorney Jay Gerber works with clients who have suffered injuries from unsafe items. These products can cause extreme injury or even death to those involved in an accident. Our attorney will thoroughly inspect your case and create the best possible defense.

Let Our Attorney Fight Your DUI/DWI/OVI Case

If you face DUI/DWI/OVI charges, the only person to call is The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC. Our law firm has helped many clients throughout the region protect their rights. Contact our attorney today to set up a consultation.

Contact The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC to speak to a wrongful death attorney for Elizabeth, WV.