Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Parkersburg, WV

Charged with Burglary in Parkersburg, WV? Protect Your Rights

Without a strong defense to support your case, you may fail to protect your rights after a burglary charge. Listen to the arresting officer to understand your rights. Depending on evidence, or lack of evidence, you can make or break your case by fully understanding your role in the ordeal. Take into consideration the lasting effects a poor defense can have on your future and your family.

Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law Offers Experienced Criminal Defense

When facing the possibility of jail time from a criminal charge, it is best to seek the help of an experienced defense attorney. Whether you commit a first-degree felony, or a fifth-degree felony, Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law can help. No matter the crime, you need to look for a strong defense attorney to aid in the success of your trial. If you need a criminal defense attorney in Parkersburg, WV, call Jay Gerber at (681) 229-1334 today for a consultation. Jay Gerber has the experience handling the following defense and injury cases:

Find Expert Defense for Drug Crimes in Parkersburg, WV

The penalties for drug crimes can be severe. From probation to years in prison, there is no telling what you may end up with if you do not find an experienced defense lawyer. Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law has years of experience handling drug related crimes in Parkersburg, WV, and the surrounding areas. Find expert defense and sound legal advice by calling today for a consultation. 

Contact Jay Gerber When Facing Shoplifting Charges in WV

While it may seem minor, shoplifting leads to serious consequences. Depending on the price of the item or the severity of the situation, you may face hundreds to thousands of dollars in fines, and possibly jail time. If you are facing shoplifting charges in Parkersburg, WV, contact attorney Jay Gerber today for a private consultation.