Vehicle Accidents in OH & WV: Auto, Boat, Motorcycle, Truck

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Serving OH and WV

Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law is an area lawyer serving people who are injured in vehicle accidents. Area roadways and waterways in OH and WV can have their share of accidents involving automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, ATVs, and boats of all sizes. Operators of smaller cars and cycles can be especially vulnerable in an accident. Even larger trucks, like vans and tractor-trailers, have more than their share of crashes, attributed many times to bad weather conditions. Boating accidents can happen even in the best weather, when something unexpected or negligent takes place.

Damages, pain, suffering, and more can all add to recovery time after an accident. In the most severe cases, wrongful death can occur and devastate an entire family and the extended community. Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law serves to protect the rights of people injured in a serious vehicle accident. Consult with him by calling (681) 229-1334 or contact us online to schedule an appointment; time is of the essence.

Auto Accident Passengers in WV Get Legal Help from Jay Gerber

When you are hurt in an auto accident in WV, the legal process ought to be the least stressful part of it all. So, Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law handles your auto accident matter and other aspects of your case with the expertise you expect. We work to get everything settled smoothly, while protecting your rights and getting the compensation you deserve from the insurance company. Keep Jay Gerber’s number handy if you, a friend, or loved one needs legal help for any type of motor vehicle accident:

Lawyer to Call for Help with a Motorcycle Accident in Ohio

The time after a motorcycle accident can be difficult as far as recovery goes, so get in touch with Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law. He is the lawyer to call for help with a motorcycle accident in Ohio or West Virginia, in the Parkersburg region. He has the experience you need to advocate on your behalf after a serious motorcycle crash puts you out of commission. If you face high hospital and doctor bills due to your injuries, vehicle repair bills, loss of income and more, you need a strong lawyer to help see you through. Jay Gerber fights hard for you and is also reasonable enough to know when it is wise to settle.

Truck Crash in OH or WV? Call Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law

If you are involved in a truck crash in either OH or WV, call Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law to represent you. Often, if you are injured in a truck crash, it can feel like the insurance company is out to get you instead of protecting you. If this happens and you have trouble getting your truck crash matter settled promptly, Jay Gerber is skilled in negotiating and can represent you and protect your interests. As a personal injury lawyer, he works with medical experts to provide evidence on the extent of your injuries and other factors that must be considered. Having Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law represent you helps reduce the stress, so you can heal and recover. Call today: (681) 229-1334.