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Fight for Justice After a Slip or Fall with Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law

After a slip and fall, getting the compensation you deserve can get in the way of recovery. Slips and falls are some of the most common injury cases in Ohio. A fall can result in various injuries, including concussions and broken bones. If you are injured after falling at a commercial location or in the workplace in Caldwell, OH, call Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law at (681) 229-1334 for a consultation. Victims of slips and falls have only two years to take action, so act fast to get the compensation you deserve. We proudly offer legal counsel to clients in Caldwell, OH; Summerfield, OH; and the surrounding areas.

Experienced Criminal Law and Personal Injury Attorney in Noble County

Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law has over a decade of experience in both criminal law and personal injury. If you suffer from an injury after a vehicle accident or a slip and fall, or face criminal charges, call on Jay Gerber for experienced legal advice. We proudly represent clients in Noble County, OH, for the following matters:

Legal Services for Domestic Battery in Caldwell, OH

Domestic battery is improper physical contact that is offensive, provoking, or results in physical harm. If you or a loved one faces domestic battery charges in Caldwell, OH, seek strong legal representation right away. Having an experienced attorney on your side will help in negotiating or during trial. Trust Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law to fight for your rights during a criminal trial for domestic battery in Caldwell, OH, and the surrounding areas.

Wrongful Death Attorney Serving Summerfield, OH

There is no way to prepare for an untimely death of a loved one. If your loved one has lost their life due to negligence in Summerfield, OH, contact Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law right away. Families deserve proper compensation to handle possible medical bills, funeral costs, and pain and suffering. Do not suffer in silence after a loved one dies a wrongful death, and find skilled legal help today.