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DUI/DWI/OVI Attorney for Belpre, Ohio

The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC Handles DUI/DWI/OVI Matters

When you need a DUI/DWI/OVI attorney for Belpre, Ohio, consider The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC. Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or a substance can cause serious accidents or even death. It is essential to seek the help of an attorney with wrongful death experience. The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC helps clients protect their rights in DUI, DWI, and OVI cases. Call our office today at (681) 229-1334 to set up a free initial consultation.

Choose Attorney Gerber to Handle Your DUI Case in Belpre, Ohio

Attorney Gerber offers significant expertise to Belpre, Ohio, clients who need legal services. Our law firm has the compassion and insight to work with first-time DUI offenders. Experience shows that while extenuating circumstances may exist, courts must review each DUI matter on its merit. The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber Jr., PLLC, offers clients a chance to discuss the details of the DUI matter with effective legal counsel.

Our Attorney Provides Sound Legal Advice for DWI Matters

Whether it is the first time that you face a DWI offense or you have faced multiple charges, attorney Gerber can help. Vehicle operators charged with DWI offenses have a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent or higher. Penalties for a DWI offense can increase if you are a commercial driver. DWI charges also carry a severe punishment even for a first offense.

Call Our Law Firm if an OVI Charge Impacts Your Life

As an attorney, Jay Gerber serves clients facing operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI) charges in the Ohio region. The effects of substances and alcohol on your operating performance can depend on several factors. Our firm can put the law on your side to help with the impact of an OVI charge. Attorney Gerber prides himself on serving clients in the best way possible. He will listen to your experience, and collaborate with you to create the best legal strategy possible.

Contact The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC, when you need a DUI/DWI/OVI attorney for Belpre, Ohio.