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Can Prank Calls Get You Arrested?

Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law, Helps Eliminate Prank Calls

Our attorney answers the question, “Can prank calls get you arrested?” According to WV§61-8-16, prank calls carry harsh penalties if they fall under certain classifications. Making a prank call can seem like a funny joke. However, in Vienna, WV, law enforcement can easily get involved, depending on the type of prank call. A prank call gone wrong can leave someone in Vienna, WV, with a misdemeanor or felony charge.



Most likely, prank calls fall under the criminal law category in Vienna, WV. Some laws for prank calls can land you in jail or even get you charged with a hate crime. Check out these prank calls that can potentially get you arrested:



Law enforcement draws a thin line between an illegal and obnoxious prank call. Generally, it may be unlawful to call someone late at night. However, you could break the law if you repeat the call every 10 minutes.



Disorderly Conduct

Different states classify disorderly conduct in their own way. Prank calls must be more severe than just a joke to constitute disorderly conduct in Vienna, WV.



Hate Crimes

Vienna, WV, classifies hate crimes similar to harassment. You may commit a hate crime if you call someone with a heavy accent and mock them.




It’s illegal in many states, including Vienna, WV, to record cell phone conversations without consent. Be aware that recording these calls may constitute a felony.



Bomb Threats

Regardless of the circumstances, bomb-threat prank calls result in a very severe felony. Due to the immense danger of these cases, Vienna, WV, law enforcement, and emergency services can get involved.


If your prank call resulted in criminal charges, call our law firm today. Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law, takes great pride in protecting your rights.


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