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Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Attorney for Williamstown, WV

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For an experienced truck accident attorney for Williamstown, WV, call The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC. Our lawyer has the knowledge and years of experience to represent you well after a truck accident. Whether it involves a construction-type vehicle or tractor-trailer, we can help. The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC, can uphold your rights to fair compensation after truck accidents. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call us at (681) 229-1334.

Understand the Guidelines for Commercial Truck Drivers

Commercial truck drivers must operate under strict federal and state guidelines and regulations. Each truck accident can involve multiple entities with potential liability for their part in the accident. The list may include truck management companies, vehicle maintenance fleets, cargo loading companies, and more. Accident risk increases when the commercial truck operator fails to follow federal and state guidelines while participating in commerce.

Fatigue and Weight Loads Offer Added Risks of Truck Accidents

Studies show truck accidents can happen when operator fatigue sets in. Consider the following factors that can add to the risk of truck accidents:

  • Driving for an excessive amount of time
  • Maintenance programs causing mechanical failures
  • Carrying heavy, oversized loads of materials.

It is essential to protect your rights in a truck accident. Call The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC for a consultation on your truck accident matter today.

Let Us Handle Your Truck Accident Case in Williamstown, WV, and Beyond

In his work as a truck accident lawyer for Williamstown, WV, and the surrounding areas, attorney Gerber has vast experience. He knows that crashes can happen at any moment. These may involve speeding, reckless driving, DUI, and more. Truck accidents may also affect other vehicles, such as motorcycles, bicycles, and even other trucks. Reach out to attorney Jay Gerber today for superior legal representation after a truck accident.

Contact The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC, when you need a truck accident attorney for Williamstown, WV.