Personal Injury and Wrongful Death in Ohio and West Virginia

A Personal Injury Lawyer Serving West Virginia

Any type of serious accident or crash can cause personal injuries that have a lasting impact on your recovery and your life. If you or a loved one sustain an injury from a defective product, are injured at the workplace, or while being cared for by a doctor or other health professional in the hospital or nursing home, you may be able to file suit in court for damages, pain and suffering, and more. Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law is a personal injury lawyer serving residents of West Virginia and Ohio. Personal injury law covers wrongful death matters, also. This can help families recover after a devastating accident when lives are lost.

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Injury Attorney Serving Ohio Gets Justice on Wrongful Death

A wrongful death that occurs due to negligence can happen to almost anyone, young or old. It can be difficult to deal with the shock and sorrow of a loved one’s untimely death. Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law serves Ohio residents and understands the importance of holding the negligent party responsible for your loss. It goes beyond trying to recover your finances after a wrongful death when there may be other lawyers and insurance companies involved. Jay Gerber dedicated over a decade in his practice in Ohio and West Virginia to wrongful death and injury cases, helping families throughout the region manage and cope after a deadly accident or incident, such as:

Trust Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law for Personal Injury in OH and WV

Negligence often plays a key role in personal injury matters. Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law wants potential clients in OH and WV to know that experience matters in proving negligence or harm and getting justice when you or a loved one are severely injured.

Personal injury cases often require showing cause or proof of the scope of negligence or harm. Relating this to a devastating injury can take several months and include depositions and other testimony. If the case goes to trial, we often need to enlist the work of one or more expert witnesses and obtain additional evidence. Each personal injury situation is unique, so trust Jay Gerber to handle personal injury matters and get the justice you deserve.

Settlements on Wrongful Death Matters in Ohio and West Virginia

In the most serious accident matters involving wrongful death, negligence may also be involved. If you have lost a loved one wrongfully, Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law offers the legal services to help you get the compensation you and your family deserve. Often, trying to settle a wrongful death matter quickly may not be in your best interests. Consider that recovery in a wrongful death can include providing for such things as emotional damages, funeral expenses, loss of income, and loss of parental or spousal consortium. You may need to file in state or federal court, and Jay Gerber has an active practice covering both Ohio and West Virginia. He has the experience to treat you and your family with respect while asserting and protecting your rights, so call today: (681) 229-1334.