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Auto Accident Passengers Can Get Justice with Jay Gerber

Fighting for compensation after an accident can be difficult, but it does not have to be. If you sustain injuries as a passenger in a vehicle accident, Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law is ready to fight for justice. Auto accident passengers can face battles with insurance companies, and have to find ways to prove their involvement and negotiate a settlement. Allow attorney Jay Gerber to handle the legal battles so you can focus on recovery. Call Jay Gerber today at (681) 229-1334 for a consultation in Evans, WV. We accept clients in Ravenswood, WV; Ripley, WV; Fair Plains, WV; and the surrounding Jackson County areas.

Jay Gerber Handles Wrongful Death Claims in Fair Plains, WV

The untimely death of a loved one can bring immense financial, emotional, and even physical turmoil to a family. If your loved one has died a wrongful death, Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law can help. We handle wrongful death claims in Fair Plains, WV, and the surrounding areas. Whether the death was due to a negligent employer, or a motor vehicle accident, you can trust Jay Gerber to fight for your family’s right to compensation.

Along with personal injury and wrongful death claims, Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law handles the following legal matters:

Did You Slip and Fall at a Commercial Location in Jackson County, WV?

Slips and falls happen anywhere at any time. If you slip and fall at a commercial location in Jackson County, WV, call attorney Jay Gerber right away. The statute of limitations for premises liability is two years, so it is crucial to take action right away. Do not let negligent parties get away with causing your pain and suffering, and trust Jay Gerber to fight for your right to proper compensation.

Contact Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law for Personal Injury Matters

Any kind of accident, whether it be a vehicle accident, slip and fall, or other injuries, all victims have the right to compensation. If you or are loved one face injuries after an accident, contact Jay Gerber, Attorney at law right away. We accept personal injury matters from Ripley, WV; Ravenswood, WV; Fair Plains, WV; Evans, WV; and the surrounding Jackson County areas.