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Find a lawyer serving Nelsonville, Ohio, at The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC. With over 15 years of experience helping the Mid-Ohio Valley, our law office helps clients in civil and criminal court. Whether you face criminal charges or want to sue someone, call our law firm at (681) 229-1334. Clients can also contact us online to set up a consultation.

Our Law Firm Handles Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation

Attorney Jay Gerber has the experience necessary to assist Nelsonville, Ohio, residents with a wide array of legal needs. Our experienced criminal defense attorney can help Mid-Ohio Valley residents who have had arrests for substance abuse issues. Attorney Gerber will work to find the best path forward. Our lawyer can also represent you in civil litigation matters, including personal injury and wrongful death. Ask us about some of the most common legal issues, including:

Criminal Defense for Drug Charges and DUIs in Nelsonville, Ohio

When Nelsonville residents find themselves in trouble for drug possession, it is vital to exercise their right to legal defense. The folks at attorney Jay Gerber’s office can work on the case for you, and work toward the best results necessary. Attorney Gerber can also defend you in cases like DUI and burglary. He will ensure the facts come out that could make a huge difference in sentencing. Give our law office a call today to find out more information.

Our Firm Provides Civil Litigation for Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Attorney Jay Gerber has over 15 years of experience in civil litigation. He handles everything from injuries in the workplace to deaths in car accidents. Attorney Gerber can hold negligent parties liable in cases of injuries and even deaths. He will make sure you and your family receive the compensation you deserve after an accident. Whether it occurred due to workplace negligence, slip, and fall, or medical malpractice, our firm will represent you. Call today for more information on civil litigation in your area.

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