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If you are looking for a criminal defense and personal injury attorney for Washington County, Ohio, call Attorney Jay Gerber. Attorney Gerber has practiced law in West Virginia since 2004, and began practicing in Ohio in 2011. As a Mid-Ohio Valley native, attorney Gerber works hard for the folks on both sides of the river. For more information on whether he can help you with your case, call (681) 229-1334, or contact us online.

Get Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation for Washington County, Ohio

While many lawyers in the Mid-Ohio Valley region handle civil or criminal law, attorney Jay Gerber represents either case. If law enforcement arrests and accuses you of committing a crime, Jay Gerber can come to your defense. As the top criminal defense attorney in the Mid-Ohio Valley, attorney Gerber closely monitors your case. He finds the facts to provide you with your constitutional right to legal counsel properly. Similarly, if another party injures you negligently, Jay is the civil litigator to call. He can represent you, and get you the damages you deserve. Call today, and ask about how attorney Jay Gerber can represent you in any of the following cases:

Contact Washington County’s Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Proper criminal defense is one of the staples of the American justice system. The United States Constitution entitles defense to anyone accused of committing a crime. Attorney Jay Gerber can represent accused parties in Washington County, Ohio. He will do his duty as a lawyer to provide a fair and competent defense for any accused party. Whether you find yourself accused of a DUI, robbery, shoplifting, drug charges, or another crime, contact attorney Gerber. Give us a call today, and find out the difference it can make for you.

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When it comes to civil law, Attorney Jay Gerber has the experience to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. These situations can include automobile accidents, slip and fall cases, animal bites, and even wrongful death. As the Mid-Ohio Valley’s top civil litigator for personal injuries and accidents, attorney Gerber will fight for you in court. If you live in Washington County, Ohio, and find yourself injured in an accident, call our attorney.

Call The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC, for a criminal defense and personal injury attorney for Washington County, Ohio.