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Impacts of a Felony Conviction

Impacts of Felony Conviction

Life Impact of a Conviction from The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber Jr., PLLC Defending against the impacts of a felony conviction can be a significant and life-altering process. From the time an individual receives a felony charge, having strong representation is critical. Some may question the need or benefit of working with a […]

Building a Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney

Understanding Defense Strategies for Common Criminal Charges in West Virginia  The Law Office of Jay Gerber, Jr., PLLC based in Vienna, West Virginia, specializes in crafting robust defense strategies tailored to the specific circumstances and charges our clients face. In West Virginia, certain criminal charges appear more frequently, and understanding the nuances of defending these […]

Understanding the Personal Injury Claim Process in WV

Personal Injury Claims

The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC Reviews Personal Injury Claims    Navigating the complexities of a personal injury claim can be daunting, especially when you’re recovering from an injury. The Law Office of Jay Gerber, Jr., PLLC in Vienna, WV, streamlines the process to ensure you understand every step. The personal injury claim […]

Top Tips to Prevent Work Accidents

Work Accidents

Workplace Safety to Avoid Accidents with The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC This month, we look at some top tips to prevent work accidents. Accidents in the workplace are not just events that disrupt business operations. They also have significant consequences for employees’ health and wellbeing. To mitigate these risks, it is […]

Essential Terminology in Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Law

The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC Explains Legal Terms Navigating the world of personal injury claims can seem daunting without a clear understanding of the key terminology involved. The Law Office of Jay W. Gerber, Jr., PLLC in Vienna, WV, makes the legal process as transparent and approachable as possible. Personal injury […]