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Little Hocking-Area Lawyer With Over 15 Years of Experience

If you need professional legal representation in either criminal or civil court in the Little Hocking area, you need to talk to the area’s top lawyer, Attorney Jay Gerber. Jay and his legal staff have over 15 years of experience and can handle your case, for everything from DUI to personal injury lawsuits. Whether he’s fighting for your freedom in criminal court or working hard to help you recover damages in civil court, you can always count on Attorney Jay Gerber. Give our law office a call today at (681) 229-1334 or contact us online for more information.

Licensed for Both Civil and Criminal Cases in the Mid-Ohio Valley

When police accuse you of a crime in the Little Hocking, OH, area, you have access to the region’s premier criminal defense attorney, Jay Gerber. Attorney Gerber looks at every detail of your case and works hard for your freedom, or the best possible outcomes for your case. Additionally, if you are the victim of a civil wrong, you can discuss the situation with our lawyer and take the steps to recover damages. Talk to us today and find out how to take the first step.

Criminal Defense for DUI, Drug Crimes, and Beyond in Little Hocking, OH

Residents of Little Hocking, OH, should know that your friend, Attorney Jay Gerber, can work hard for you if you face criminal accusations. If troopers pull you over for DUI, Attorney Gerber will look at the facts in the case and bring justice to your case. If you find yourself charged with drug charges, we can help you on that front as well. When you get arrested, make sure you invoke your right to legal counsel and call Attorney Jay Gerber.

Civil Litigation for Personal Injuries and Wrongful Death

Accidents happen sometimes, but when they happen due to the negligence of an individual or a third party, you deserve to recover damages. Attorney Jay Gerber can look at your case and hold negligent parties accountable when you get injured. Whether on the job, slipping on private or public property, or even receiving bites from an animal, Jay Gerber finds the facts and works for you. For everything from auto accidents to wrongful death, give our firm a call today for more information.