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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Flooding?

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Does homeowners insurance cover flooding? That’s the question a lot of new homeowners ask themselves. Vienna, WV, has a substantial flood risk. In June 2016, Central West Virginia experienced severe flooding. If you have ever experienced a dispute with your insurance company after a flood, Attorney Jay Gerber is here to help. Follow along for more information that answers the question, “Does homeowners insurance cover flooding?”



Learn What Homeowners Insurance Covers in Vienna, WV

In Vienna, WV, homeowners insurance offers premium coverage for dwelling, personal property, and liability. Homeowners insurance does not cover mudslides; however, most policies do cover mudflow. With the overall rise in flooding in the U.S. due to climate change, this coverage often helps homeowners. Overall, homeowners insurance in West Virginia covers a lot, but you may need additional coverage in certain situations.



Should Vienna, WV, Homeowners Purchase Homeowners Insurance?

The state of West Virginia does not require homeowners to purchase insurance. However, buying an insurance policy can help homeowners apply for and secure a loan. Therefore, it’s a good idea to shop around for the best policy for your home during the home-buying process. Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law, is here to help clients in Vienna, WV.



So, Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Flooding?

Homeowners insurance in Vienna, WV, covers dwelling, liability and personal property damage. It doesn’t cover natural disasters like earthquakes, mudslides, or floods. For these issues, homeowners will need to purchase flood insurance. West Virginia is the top state with substantial flood risk. Five inches of flooding can cost $18,524 in damages in a 1,000-square-foot home. With the addition of flood insurance, you can keep your home safe in the event of a flood.



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