Professional Legal Representation for Athens County, OH

Experienced Lawyer Serving Athens County Residents

If you live in Athens County, OH, and need professional legal representation in civil or criminal cases, look no further than Attorney Jay Gerber, the Mid-Ohio Valley’s top lawyer. Our lawyer has over 15 years of experience in the legal industry and can represent clients throughout the Athens County region. If law enforcement places you under arrest or you would like to pursue a lawsuit for a personal injury or other civil infraction, make your first call to Attorney Jay Gerber at (681) 229-1334, or contact us online for more information.

Representing Clients in Both Civil and Criminal Cases

Most lawyers in the Mid-Ohio Valley practice in only one type of court, which leaves you with less options for legal representation. However, when you talk to Attorney Jay Gerber, you can get excellent legal counsel for both civil and criminal cases. Whether you suffered an injury and seek compensation in civil court, or you need to fight a DUI or drug possession charge, give our law office a call today. We proudly serve Athens County residents.

High-Quality Criminal Defense for Athens County, OH

Athens county residents charged with committing a crime can put their faith in their local criminal defense attorney, Jay Gerber. Attorney Gerber has over 15 years of criminal defense, and works hard for the rights of accused parties in Athens County and the Mid-Ohio Valley region. For everything from property crimes like burglary and shoplifting to substance-related crimes like DUI and drug possession charges, Jay Gerber can represent you. Give our law firm a call today for criminal defense.

Civil Litigation for Personal Injury and Auto Accidents in Athens County

Attorney Jay Gerber can provide excellent representation in civil court for everything from personal injury and wrongful death to auto accident claims. As an experienced civil litigator, Attorney Gerber works hard to find the facts around your case and hold any negligent parties accountable. If you seek to sue a person, business, or employer for injury or beyond, give Attorney Jay Gerber a call today. Located in Parkersburg, we work closely with Athens County residents and look forward to help you with your litigation needs.