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If you live in the Marietta, OH, area, you need access to a good attorney in case you find yourself in need of legal representation. Attorney Jay Gerber, in Parkersburg, is the Mid-Ohio Valley’s top lawyer for both civil and criminal representation. With over 15 years of legal experience, you can count on Attorney Gerber to work hard for you in a number of matters.

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Representing You in Both Criminal and Civil Cases

Attorney Jay Gerber can represent Marietta residents in a number of cases, both in civil and criminal court. Our experienced lawyer practices criminal defense for those accused of crimes, such as DUI, burglary, and shoplifting, while also having the ability to represent plaintiffs in civil court. If you look to recover damages in cases like personal injury, wrongful death, and auto accidents, you can count on Jay Gerber to study your case and work hard to get you the money you deserve. Call our legal office today and ask about:

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving the Marietta, OH, Area

If you face criminal charges, you have the right to effective representation in court. In terms of defense attorneys, very few in the Marietta area can compete with Attorney Jay Gerber. If police arrest you for a DUI, shoplifting charge, burglary, or other felony or misdemeanor, insist to speak to a defense attorney, and make sure that attorney is Jay Gerber. Give our law office a call today for effective criminal defense.

High-Quality Civil Litigator Near Marietta, OH

Civil litigation is a necessary part of the American justice system, and lawsuits start with an effective lawyer. Attorney Jay Gerber has over 15 years of experience in civil law, in areas like personal injury law, wrongful death representation and auto accident claims. A good civil litigator can get a plaintiff a significant amount of compensation from defendants, you just need to know where to start. If you live in Marietta, or anywhere else in the Mid-Ohio Valley, make a phone call to Attorney Jay Gerber and find out the difference he can make for your civil case.