Felony and Burglary Defense in Ohio and West Virginia

Defense You Need for Burglary Charges from Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law

As an attorney serving clients in West Virginia and Ohio, Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law offers the defense advice and experience you need if you face serious felony charges. Burglary charges in both states can carry strict penalties that can include jail time and fines. For experience you need to protect your rights against felony charges in Ohio and West Virginia jurisdictions, consult with Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law. Contact us or call (304) 485-5372 without delay.

Caught in the Act? Evidence of Burglary Requires Strong Defense

Video surveillance is everywhere these days, and there can be ample visual evidence that law enforcement may use to charge someone with a felony or burglary offense. Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law advises anyone facing burglary charges with any type of evidence to take advantage of experienced legal counsel. Burglary and felony crimes require strong defense tactics that can mean a great difference in how your case is handled in Ohio and West Virginia courts. Jay Gerber offers representation for felony offenses that can sometimes be combined, or that might occur across state lines:

Breaking and entering
Burglary and Theft

Grand Theft Auto

Illegal Use of Explosives
Receiving Stolen Property

Protecting Your Rights - Law Enforcement in OH and WV

Protecting your rights starts with the very first time you encounter law enforcement. It is the officer’s job to apprehend suspects. If you are arrested and charged with a felony, such as burglary or another crime, you must listen to the warnings the law enforcement officer gives you. You have the right to an attorney, and any statements you make can affect your other rights and be used against you. If you have a previous conviction, this can weigh heavily on your rights as a repeat offender. Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law offers strong defense for individuals in Ohio and West Virginia apprehended by law enforcement for felony offenses.

Protect Your Finances, Family, and Future with Strong Felony Defense

Being charged with a felony in Ohio or West Virginia can have a significant effect on your life in many ways. A strong defense takes a lot of time and money. Often, an effective defense strategy includes such things as finding an expert witness or having specific tests done on evidence. These can mean the difference between incarceration or your freedom. It can weigh heavily on family relationships and a conviction can affect your future. When you need a strong felony defense for charges in West Virginia or Ohio, consult with Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law: (304) 485-5372.