Auto Accident Passenger Injuries in Ohio and West Virginia

Injured Passengers Get Justice with Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law

If you are an injured passenger in an auto accident, speak with Jay Gerber about getting justice and compensation for your injuries. Sometimes, being in an accident is bad enough, but dealing with insurance companies after an auto accident can be difficult sometimes. As an injured accident passenger, your goal is to heal. When you need a lawyer to watch out for your best interests, speak to Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law at (681) 229-1334 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Consult with Jay Gerber on Auto Accidents in OH and WV

Jay Gerber works with clients injured as auto accident passengers in OH and WV. Passengers are subject to the conditions of the vehicle operator, and an increasing number of drivers now operate or freelance as taxis in a business capacity. This can mean dealing with commercial insurance companies for one or more parties if you are an auto accident passenger. Consider speaking with Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law if you sustain serious injury as a passenger, such as:

Broken Bone(s)

Internal Injuries
Joint or Spine Injury

Skull Fracture

Auto Accident Passengers in OH and WV Need Strong Representation

Auto accident passengers in OH and WV must often fight hard to get compensation for injuries. Whether a tractor-trailer or bus hits the car you are riding in, or a large tree branch or street sign hits the vehicle, passengers must assert their rights for damages suffered in an accident, provide proof, and many times negotiate settlement. This is not an easy task if you are severely injured as a passenger. You need strong representation from an experienced lawyer, like Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law.

Local Attorney in Parkersburg, WV for Auto Accident Passengers

As the injured party in an auto accident, you may feel like the insurance company is adding to your difficulties. If you feel harassed or pressured into making a statement or signing agreements or other documents, you need to speak with a lawyer right away to protect your rights. If you experience resistance from insurers on paying out a fair claim, give Jay Gerber a call today and put an end to the strife. He and his staff can help you concentrate on healing and recovery. Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law assists clients in the region of Parkersburg, WV.