ATV and Boating Accidents in Ohio and West Virginia

Off-Road ATV/UTV Accidents Need Strong Legal Help

Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law wants you to know that if you are injured in an off-road accident with your ATV/UTV, he provides strong legal help. As a personal injury lawyer serving clients in Ohio and West Virginia, Jay Gerber has more than a decade of experience helping residents in Parkersburg and the surrounding region. Residents want to enjoy the great outdoors by going off road on their ATV or UTV, but when accidents or negligence cause severe injuries or death, legal help is often required. Dealing with the aftermath of an ATV/UTV accident can be difficult. You do not have to go it alone—just talk with Jay Gerber and know where you stand. Give our office a call at (681) 229-1334 or contact us online to schedule an appointment for a consultation today.

Boating Accidents on Waterways in OH and WV

Area boating accidents or collisions on the local waterways in OH and WV can also bring serious physical injury. Regardless of who may be at fault, residents of OH and WV can be left to navigate serious recovery times, loss of income, therapy bills, property damage, repairs, and more. Injuries from boating and other off-road accidents can involve the extremities, the spine, head, and more. When your recreational fun on the water turns into a nightmare scenario, you need strong legal representation and protection from Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law. Jay Gerber handles injury cases for boating accidents, ATV, and UTV—just about any off-road situation:

Boating accidents on water may involve personal watercraft like jet skis, smaller recreational boats used for fishing, sailboats, motorboats, pontoon boats, power boats, or even commercial boats. All are subject to boating laws and operating regulations as to safety.

ATVs are all-terrain vehicles that moves off-road on low-pressure tires. With handlebars for steering, and a seat the operator straddles, ATVs may have three or four wheels. Four-wheeled ATVs, called quads, four-wheelers, or ATVs. Three wheeled models ceased manufacture as of 1988.

UTVs are utility side-by-side vehicles designed to be used off-road. Like ATVs, they move on four or more low-pressure tires. UTVs are generally equipped to have a steering wheel, tail light, brake light, two headlights, and seat two or more occupants.

BUI Adds to Boating Accidents in OH and WV

Boating Under the Influence, or BUI, can add to the misery of boating accidents that take place in OH and WV. It is the duty of every person to operate a boat or personal watercraft responsibly and learning the safety regulations is just part of the fun. It takes more than remembering to wear a life vest. BUI charges can turn an unexpected accident into a criminal matter. If you face BUI charges related to a boating accident in OH or WV, be sure to speak with Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law to review your options.

Accidents in WV and OH Involving ATV/UTV Operators

With ATV and UTV off-road activities on the rise, the number of accidents involving ATV/UTV operators in WV and OH is also increasing. As with boating, off-road fun requires that operators be responsible, but negligence can happen that results in serious injury. ATV/UTV accidents in WV and OH take place in remote locations, and could involve multiple parties, possibly on state-owned land, and individuals may be under-insured. Be sure to review your ATV/UTV accident with Jay Gerber, Attorney at Law (681) 229-1334 today!